Opening Party 25th of May 2018, 18:00-04:00

Le Trouble is a project space co-operated by Kimberley Cosmilla and Marcel Mrejen, hosted by ISO Amsterdam. Le Trouble is almost a bar, a converging space that aims to blur the edges of the social and the cultural. Built as a functional assemblage of artist’s contributions, Le Trouble develops oblique modes for artistic autonomy. Le Trouble is an organ to power an entropic scene of artists, designers and performers through the curation of events within its framework.

Le Trouble is kindly supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

Bar open on Fridays (18:00 — 22:00)


An exhibition of Stéphanie Baechler

Opening March 10, 16:00-22:00

Exhibition Open March 13-24, Tues-Sat 14:00-18:00 and by appointment at info@isoamsterdam.nl

Guided Tours by the artist: March 17 & 24, 15:00

An exhibition of Stéphanie Baechler

Through ceramics and textiles Stéphanie Baechler investigates the sensual experience that has become increasingly rare through today technologies. She converts the template of the application Instagram into a three-dimensional artefact. She deconstructs its structure considering repetition and the mechanism of posting. Repetition plays an important role in this work as she addresses the issue of the recurring actions of liking and scrolling.

As if more likes represent more truth.

Stéphanie Baechler (b. 1983) is a Swiss artist based in Amsterdam. Baechler is trained as textile and fashion designer with a Master’s degree from the ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in the Netherlands, and worked as a textile developer & design assistant for Hussein Chalayan in London. Baechler’s work investigates fashion’s formal and structural vocabulary, its production process and its complex relationship to the body, the self and the society. For some years now and after two residencies at the EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre, NL), her quest is slightly moving-away from fashion towards an artistic approach to sculpture and installations.

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Time to be born

Party March 10, 22:00-04:00


After a long winter building-up we are proud to invite you to discover ISO and celebrate with us the near ending of the hard work.

• Uitleen 9
• Teamrocket
• Kévin Bray (live)
• Roel de Boer
• Actitect (live)
• Steven de Peven
• Titia
• Point Jay (juani)
be early bird at the door…
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I S O L A  3 0 0 0

Opening: November 22, 18:00-22:00
Exhibition: November 23 – December 2, 2017
Part of the Amsterdam Art Weekend

ISOLA 3OOO is the inaugural exhibition of ISO, proposed by the founder and curator Florence Parot. The work of ten artists living and working in the giant warehouse for the past six months comes together in an event that goes beyond the format of a group show. By closely intertwining their practices, they create a hallucinatory space that activates all senses. A vertiginous, full sized diorama that oscillates between the digital and material realms, disorienting visitors by immersing them in macro scenery formed by micro narratives.

With works by Kévin Bray (France, 1989), Lou Buche (France, 1991), Virginie Gauthier (France, 1991), Messgewand (Alexis Bondoux + Romain Coppin) (France, 1991 + 1991), Maarten Nico (The Netherlands, 1990), Joséphine Péguillan (France, 1989), Meeus van Dis (The Netherlands, 1978), and sulsolsal (Hannes Bernard + Guido Giglio) (South Africa, 1985 +Brazil, 1981).

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